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Because ReMar for NCLEX specializes in helping repeat-testers, foreign nurses, and nursing students focus on the core-content and pass NCLEX! By focusing on core-content you’ll increase your confidence reduce anxiety and finally pass!

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Information and inspiration from the #1 NCLEX Instructor in the world, Regina M. Callion MSN RN.
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The Virtual Trainer will help you pass NCLEX RN or LPN and earn your nursing license in just three to six weeks with your own schedule using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop! Watch Professor Regina's best lecture videos and follow your detailed study calendar until you are completely comfortable with the content and confident to challenge NCLEX!

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Valued at $474 - Order now to save 55% off and get instant access to the content you need to help you to effectively prepare for your NCLEX examination. ReMar Review provides the best core nursing content, interactive lectures, challenging NCLEX questions, and community to support you on your journey to becoming a safe licensed nursing professional.

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    • 3 – Month Subscription
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    • Daily Study Calendar
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    • Timed Quizzes
    • 99.2% Success Rate
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Success stories from ReMar Nurses!

I bought the ReMar Quick Facts and it was remarkable! I understood things that was very hard for me in school. Just recently took my NCLEX and I passed on the first try!!!!!!!! What a great investment it is! Thank you!

brittney kinnon
Brittney Kinnon

The world is watching ReMar and I’m so glad to be a part of it. I passed my NCLEX! If you don’t pass the test once, don’t give up, focus on the content and if I can do it everyone can do it!

nurse carline USRN
Nurse Carline, USRN

I paid an online NCLEX Review program that cost me so much and was only doing questions! I was tired. I ordered ReMar's program and fell in love with because Regina focused on the content! I passed NCLEX with ReMar on my second attempt as an international nurse!

nurse keewani USRN
Nurse Keewani, USRN

I’m an international nurse from Jamaica…Whoa! I failed NCLEX but my husband told me to get Regina’s NCLEX package! I followed ReMar Review to get as much as a could and guess what I PASSED!

Nurse Sherlett, USRN
Nurse Sherlett, USRN

LOVE IT!!! Regina breaks everything down so well it makes it addicting and so much more retainable! I never thought I would pass NCLEX but I did!

valeria kay staples rn
Valerie Kay Staples, RN

No other NCLEX review can touch the power of ReMar! It’s most definitely the best created. I am a repeat-tester and tried THREE other NCLEX reviews and failed but I passed with ReMar!

Lynette Simms, RN
Lynette Simms, RN

I passed my NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions with the ReMar! I’m a foreign nurse (Philippines), YES English is my second language, it’s easy to understand.

maricar verzosa USRN
Maricar Verzosa, USRN

I love ReMar Quick Facts. I’ve been studying for 8 weeks…from the first page to the very last page. I took my NCLEX Monday and passed with 85 questions.

lennethea miller LPN
Lennethea Miller, LPN
quick facts for nclex®
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quick facts for TEAS & HESI
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Our comprehensive review programs for RN & PN will help you to learn NCLEX® core-content in simple, straight-forward, terms without complicated test strategies for new graduates, international nurses, and repeat-testers.