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Classes are one to two hours long starting at 8 PM EST every Monday night during the month of June! Each night we'll cover topics for nervous system medications, pain management, psychiatric medications, insulin & oral antidiabetes, TPN, antibiotics, blood products, medication administration, and more!

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Interactive Content

Core content and interactive lectures that are straight to the point, simple, and easy to understand from #1 Instructor Regina Callion MSN, RN.

Critical Thinking Questions

Designed to develop situational awareness and improve clinical judgment.

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Daily progress reports that help determine when you're ready to test!

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Highest Rated NCLEX Review for Core Nursing Content!

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Know exactly what to study each day and pass in 4-6 weeks following the step-by-step study calendar.

Physical Workbooks

Each subscription includes the NCLEX-VT Student Workbook & Quick Facts for NCLEX



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Quick Facts for NCLEX is a "must-have" resource for nursing students and the perfect place to begin your NCLEX Prep!

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This streamlined book covers the essential core content for RN and LPN including the “Top 100 PHARMACOLOGY Drugs to Pass NCLEX“ and can be studied in 2-3 weeks. Many students say this is their NCLEX bible!

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Even if you are a repeat-tester or finished nursing school, a long time ago!

"I really recommend this to you guys. Where ever you are in your journey; preparing for the NCLEX or preparing for graduation."
"I’ve done NCSBN, I’ve done HURST, I’ve done KAPLAN, I’ve done Mark K Audios, and I’ve done UWORLD"
"I had trouble passing NCLEX and ReMar helped with content first and then questions, and that's what I did."
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Additional Nursing Resources

Our comprehensive review programs for RN & PN will help you to learn NCLEX® core-content in simple, straight-forward, terms without complicated test strategies for new graduates, international nurses, and repeat-testers.


The best part of studying with ReMar is having the #1 Instructor for NCLEX as your teacher! Study virtually with Professor Regina as you go through detailed lectures and build your NCLEX confidence!

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