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"Congratulations for realizing that hard work is the best key to unlocking doors of opportunity and success. Well done."- Regina Callion MSN, RN


Welcome to your week six update ReMar Reviewer! Week six is an extremely important week in my boot camp, because it is evaluation week. I want to tell you just how proud I am of you right now! It isn’t easy to dedicate this much time and energy to any task, and you should be proud of the feat you’ve accomplished.

This is the week that I ask you to evaluate your progress thus far to gauge whether you are ready to take the NCLEX or not. My program is intended to be completed over the course of 6 – 8 weeks, so it is perfectly understandable if you find that you still need more time reviewing.  This week I have included my NCLEX checklist, Quick Facts for NCLEX review quiz, and NCLEX Drug cards as a guide to help you decide whether you are truly ready to move on from the program and tackle the NCLEX. Please read each section below carefully to make your final determination.

Checklist Item #1: NCLEX DVD Student Workbook

By week six of boot camp, you should have your student workbook completed. This means you have listened to all the DVDs, you have taken notes, reviewed the necessary topics, and you are feeling extremely confident about the material (medications, diseases, ect.) covered in this book. If you have yet to complete any portion of your student workbook, or you feel uncomfortable with portions of the material, please take additional time to review or complete the necessary material before taking the exam.

Checklist Item #2: Quick Facts for NCLEX

You should be extremely familiar with my Quick Facts for NCLEX book by this point in boot camp. The book is intended to be re-read multiple times throughout my program to help you completely memorize all the information included within it. The best way to judge if you have absorbed the material is by asking a friend to quiz you using the book itself. If you find yourself having trouble answering questions, you should go back and review the book until you feel more comfortable. Please remember, even when you memorize all the content in your Quick Facts for NCLEX book, it is essential that you continue to constantly review it in the weeks leading up to your exam to ensure you stay up to date on the necessary content.

Checklist Item #3: NCLEX DVD Homework & Practice Exams

By now you should have completed all the homework in this book, and you should be either starting or about to start on the practice exams located in the back of the book.  I designed these exams to mimic what you can expect from your actual NCLEX. If you are studying using my DVD Self-Study Program you should aim to get at least 50% – 60% of the questions correct. If you are using my Online Academy to study, you will need to get an 80% or higher on your exams, and a 90% or higher on your final exam to move on.

The reason I don’t require a perfect score is because on the actual NCLEX, you will most likely only get half of your questions correct even when passing the exam. If you find that you are scoring significantly lower than recommended, I suggest allowing for more time to study the material and retaking the exams again later. Make sure to pay close attention to the questions you are having issues with and focus specifically on that content. These questions are designed to spot weak areas that will allow a student like you to identify them and review the necessary material.

Checklist Item #4: NCLEX Activity Book

By this point in the boot camp you should have also finished your NCLEX Activity book. This means all of it should be completed and checked for mistakes. Take some time to review the material included within the activity book to ensure you have properly retained the necessary information. If something in the activity book is giving your trouble, review the lesson associated with it until you feel more confident.

Checklist Item #5: Be Honest with Yourself

Whether you’re prepared for the NCLEX or not is ultimately up to you to decide. I can only provide the tools necessary to get the job done, but it is up to you to use them effectively. If you have real reservations about your progress within the program, or you have clearly identified multiple weak spots, it is okay to push back your test date if possible and spend more time to prepare. You are the only witness when evaluating yourself, so don’t cheat yourself out of succeeding by talking yourself into taking the NCLEX before you are truly ready.

Final Thoughts...

Lastly, I have also included a Quick Facts for NCLEX Quiz below for anyone who is having trouble evaluating their progress. If you’re not sure whether you are ready or not, even after reviewing the checklist above, or you’d just like more review material, please use the quiz below to get a better idea of where you stand. No harm can come from being too prepared!

As always, I’m here for each of you. I want each of my boot camp enlistees to leave my boot camp armed with everything necessary to take down the NCLEX. If you need help with anything at all to ensure you are ready, then please reach out to me. You can contact me anytime on Facebook or by email at Support@ReMarReview.com. I’ll see you next Monday!

Quick Facts for NCLEX Quiz

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