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"Congratulations for realizing that hard work is the best key to unlocking doors of opportunity and success. Well done."- Regina Callion MSN, RN

NCLEX BOOT CAMP Day One, Week Nine

Welcome to week nine! I know last week was supposed to be the final week of the ReMar Reviewer’s Boot Camp, but I missed you guys so much that I wanted to reach out to you again! Last week I shared a story with you that had a profound effect on my life. While it may not resonate with you personal, I do hope that you take the lessons it provides and try your best to apply them to your life and struggles. Always move on, always push through, and most of all, always persevere.

This week I thought a lot about something I feel everyone is faced with at one point or another, and that is settling. Settling is one of the worst things anyone can do in their lifetime. This not only applies to nurses, but every individual on this planet regardless of race, nationality, or profession. Society has a way of making people believe they can strive for more, but only so much. I’m here to tell you to reach for the moon. You will never know the limits of your potential unless you push them to the limit. Don’t settle for less because you are unsure of your abilities. Instead strive for more than you are capable of and see any possible failures as a sign that you continue to test your abilities.

As always, I’m here for each of you. If you need anything at all, reach me out to me on Facebook or email me at Support@ReMarReview.com. I always love getting feedback and hearing from my students. Now go out there and test the limits of your potential and never settle for less!

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