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“Don’t live by your feelings. Live by your principles.” -Regina Callion MSN, RN

NCLEX BOOT CAMP Day One, Week Four

Welcome back to boot camp! Can you believe it’s week four already? Time flies when you’re studying hard! We’ve made a lot of progress together thus far and each one of you should be proud of yourselves. Dedicating this much time, effort, and energy to completing a specific task is nothing short of amazing.

This week I am also including the Cardiology worksheet below for all my enlistees. Please print or view the document while watching my week four boot camp video, and record your answers. Now let’s start discussing this week’s topic. I want you all to look inward and further analyze yourselves. I want you to ask yourself…

What do all successful people have in common?

One word: failure. To be widely successful at anything in your life, you must experience failure. The more comfortable you are dealing with failure, the more prepared you will be to overcome it.  Don’t believe me? Check out these examples:

Walt Disney

The iconic figure behind all your favorite Disney classics, was fired from his cartoonist job at the Kansas City Star for “not being creative enough.”

Michael Jordan

This man, whose name is synonymous with basketball, didn’t make his varsity basketball team at Laney High School in 1978.

Oprah Winfrey

This media juggernaut was told by one of her producers at WJZ-TV, a new station in Baltimore, that she was “unfit for television….”

When you analyze successful people, patterns start to form. Recognizing these patterns and applying them to your weak points will also lead you to success. Like any collection of data, the numbers don’t always translate universally to every individual, but by being aware of their good habits, you can help fix some of your own bad habits. We all have parts of ourselves that could be improved upon. That is a fact. Sadly, we live in a society that seems to magnify failure, when instead we should be embracing it.

So, I’m here to tell you, it’s okay to fail if you learn something from it. Anytime you experience failure, I want you to think of individuals like the ones listed above. Stop for a moment and imagine a world where Walt Disney listened to the Kansas City Star and decided he wasn’t creative enough to be a cartoonist. All he and his company accomplished since that failure would not exist today if he did not have the mindset to push through the failure and continue to pursue his dream.

That is the mentality I want you to carry throughout your life, your studies, and your career. Anytime someone makes you feel small for failing, and anytime you feel failure is the end of something, turn those thoughts and emotions in to fuel for the future. There will always be people and things in life trying to bring you down, but it is your responsibility to pick yourself up. That is when looking inward becomes so important.

Taking Control of your Nursing Career

I know saying that you should get comfortable with failure is easier said than done. When we fail, each of us takes it personally. How can we not? Admitting failure is admitting fault in one’s self. We are admitting to ourselves that despite our best efforts, what we have done or achieved was not enough. This can be heart-wrenching. So, I want to offer a few tips to get over the initial feelings of doubt, and help you look inward so you can move forward and achieve success.

Tip #1: It's not the end of the world

Despite how it feels in your moments of failure, and it can be painful, tell yourself that it’s not the end of the world. The sun will still rise, and life will still go on.

Tip #2: Don't give up

History is full of famous individuals who experienced failure multiple times, only to go on and prove extremely successful. Always think of your failures as the last roadblock standing between you and success.

Tip #3: Dream big

Don’t let a failure impede your dreams. Failure tends to make individuals instinctively limit their dreams. We see failure as an admission of guilt that we aren’t good enough to an achieve a task. When really, you’re just not good enough yet. You will be though, and when you are, you will find great success.

Final Thoughts...

These tips may seem simplistic at first glance, but they can be life-changing I promise. The focus this week is in shaping your mind in to accepting failure. Do you think I would be where I am at today without failure? No chance. So, join me in being another phoenix who rose from the ashes. Let me guide you through your failures to ensure your future is successful!

As always, I’m here for each of you. If you want to speak about your failures, additional tips on how to overcome them, or just general concerns about my program, just reach out to me. You can contact me anytime on Facebook or by email at Support@ReMarReview.com. I want to do everything I can to help you overcome your fears of failure.

I’ve already been in your shoes. I can relate directly to the fears and thoughts of failures that plague a nurse’s mind before taking the NCLEX. I know first-hand how frightening and debilitating the NCLEX can be. Many nursing students go in to the exam with the mentality that “if I don’t pass, I’m not good enough.” I want you to go into the test thinking “I will pass, because I am good enough.” Take what you learned here today and apply it to your own life. See you all next Monday!

Week-Four Video Worksheet

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