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I Passed NCLEX on my 1st Attempt!

I started on the Self-Study Package shortly before graduation and passed my Florida boards this June! I learned so much more and can't thank ReMar enough!

Previously used: N/A (Passed NCLEX 1st attempt)

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

I Passed NCLEX on my 2nd Attempt!

I passed NCLEX on my second try being a single mom of a 2-year old, working full time, with English is my second language, from Puerto Rico. Content is very important to pass this test and practice because with God everything is possible. Always be positive, be confident, and believe in yourself.

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: Ulimate NCLEX Success Program

I Passed NCLEX on my 3rd Attempt!

I am officially a ReMar Nurse, thank God and Regina for helping me! I graduated in 2015 and failed using the review my nursing school offered and I didn't pass. After prayer I studied the six-week calendar with ReMar I took my test for the 3rd time and passed NCLEX in 75 questions!

Previous used: School’s recommendation

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

I Passed NCLEX on my 4th Attempt!

Don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it, because you can! I'll be honest this was my 4th time taking NCLEX and I passed! I know I wouldn't have passed NCLEX if it wasn't for ReMar Review!

Previously used: “Everything you can think of”

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package (Online version)

I Passed NCLEX on my 5th Attempt!

I give God Glory! I tackled this test four times before. The first three times I was there for hours and failed. Without ReMar I wouldn't didn't have content. This time the test shut off at 85 questions!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

I Passed NCLEX on my 7th Attempt!

I passed NCLEX on my 7th attempt after being out of nursing school for seven years! This is Lucy, she is my reason for passing NCLEX! If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

I Passed NCLEX on my 8th Attempt

In the past I have used ATI, HESI, Saunders, NCSBN QBank, Kaplan, Uworld, you name it I tried it. This time I only used ReMar Review and NCLEX resources created by Regina. I work full time and followed her six-week calendar and passed my NCLEX!

Previously used: ATI Nursing, HESI, Saunders, NCSBN Qbank, Kaplan, and Uworld.

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

I Passed NCLEX on my 9th Attempt!

I graduated school in 2014, and had taken NCLEX 9 times already. My journey began when I found ReMar on Youtube and it held my interested. I followed the program and when I sat down at the computer I didn't second guess any answers and the test shut off at 75 QUESTIONS!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

I Passed NCLEX on my 10th Attempt!

I'm at work right now! I came to the USA in 2007 from the Philippines and this time was my 10th time testing for NCLEX. I started to think it wasn't for me. I've been through live NCLEX review, online study, and known reviewers, you name it I tried it!

Previously used: “You name it, I have done it”

Passed using: Ultimate NCLEX Success Package

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Quick Facts for NCLEX is the nursing students best friend for building core-content, passing exit exams, and NCLEX prep! Learn more. 

As a first time tester, the Ultimate NCLEX Success Package is your winner for NCLEX prep!  With this program you’ll be able to study the content, build your confidence, and complete your review to pass NCLEX in just four to six weeks! If you’re ok using the review that your school offers, you can add Quick Facts for NCLEX to your studies for the added boost but keep in mind passing NCLEX is up to you. If the school’s pass rate is less than 95% strongly consider changing resources if it’s not working for you.

The Ultimate NCLEX Success Program is the absolute best resource for repeat-testers! Period.  With this package, you own your material so there are no time restrictions. You’ll receive (5) DVDs and (5) workbooks to take the best study notes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken NCLEX ten times or have been out of school twenty years or more, we have testimonials from ReMar Nurses that prove it can be done! I fully recommend the DVD package but first, here are the “Top Five Reasons Nurses are Fail NCLEX” and what to do the next time!

ReMar specializes in helping International nurses and students to Pass NCLEX! If you want to learn NCLEX Content and English is your second, or third language you need the DVD Self-Study Program.  You will be able to watch the lectures again and again as much as you need to learn the materials.  With the DVD package, you will also be able to email Regina MSN, RN directly with any questions that you have as you study! Learn more!

We Can. We Will. We Must. Pass NCLEX! #ReMarNurse