Top 5 Reasons Students Fail NCLEX!

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Maybe there’s something I missed.

Maybe I did something wrong.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get this right.

Ok, STOP you need my NCLEX Mental Preparedness & Grief Form

The fact is Repeat-testers, International Nurses, and students with Test Anxiety can pass NCLEX.

If that’s you fill out the form and get the DVD Self-Study Program!

But first…here are the top five reasons students identified their NCLEX failure and what they did differently to pass with ReMar Review!

Top 5 Reasons Nurses are Failing NCLEX!

Download my NCLEX Mental Preparedness & Grief Form to help you take a look at the big picture and best position yourself as you move forward in your nursing career!

Below you will also find a full-length video of “How to Interpret your NCLEX Candidate Report” and what to do with your results.

Recap! Why Students Fail NCLEX.
  • 1. Focused on Questions.
    • Questions do not teach!
    • Focus on the CONTENT instead!
    • Then do questions AFTER the content!
  • 2. Studied too Long!
    • Limit your study t0 1.5 – 2hrs per day!
    • Make 3hrs your max to avoid burnout!
  •  3. Underestimated the Test.
    • Be kind and give yourself 6-weeks to study.
    • Do not rush the process!
    • Move your date if you need time to study.
  • 4. Overestimated your personal experiences
    • NCLEX is not your nursing school.
    • NCLEX is not like your hospital.
    • Approach NCLEX as a blank slate.
  • 5. Failed to Identify Study Best Resources
    • Your school’s prep plan may not be the best for you.
    • If you realize somethings not working, change it.
    • If you’re an audio/ visual learner and like to take great notes you’ll love studying with ReMar! 
How to Interpret your NCLEX Candidates Report!

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