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Now through November 4th, students with Quick Facts for NCLEX are eligible for an incredible discount for the DVD Self Study Program, which includes (4) NCLEX Lecture DVDs and (4) Student workbooks with practice exams.  To claim your discount, take a picture with your study guide, post it your FB Page while tagging ReMar for NCLEX. The post will say “Thanks ReMar for NCLEX, I Love (or heart symbol) my Quick Facts!” Feel free to say more but it must have that. See examples below.  You can tag ReMar by using @ReMar in the Facebook App or while using your laptop or desktop computer. (ReMar must be tagged for discount) Students should wear one of three items following items for the picture.  1.) Scrub-top  2.) Stethoscope or 3.) School memorabilia.  Upload your picture to your FB page, tag ReMar for NCLEX, and get $50 off of the DVD Self Study minus QF while supplies last. If you are unable to upload the photo to your personal page you can post direct  to the ReMar Page and get $40 off of the Self Study Package! Once complete message me on FB, send me your email address and let me know if you will be a RN or PN, and you will receive your discounted invoice within 24hrs by email.

The DVD Self Study Program will fully prepare you to pass NCLEX in 6-8 weeks or less. Lecture topics include: Prioritization, Delegation, Infection control, Developmental milestones, Endocrine overview, Cardiac issues, Pharmacology, Elderly issues, Psychiatric issues and Medication, Testing strategies, Critical thinking mistakes, Pregnancy overview, TV drugs, Therapeutic Communication, Tips for Alternate format Questions, Metabolic disorders, Labor Problems, ABG tutorial, and many more!

Photo Specifics and Quality Control -The top three submissions will be chosen for an additional refund up to the full amount of the purchase price, a $195 value. These winners will be selected Monday, November 7th and announced on Facebook. (Winners must have purchased discounted package and will be awarded via refund)  All photos are subject to Model release and will be used by ReMar Review via social media so make sure it’s a good one! Tips for taking a great picture: Good lighting is key to a great photo the best lighting is natural light. Selfies are great but having a friend to take the photo will allow better angles. Turning your phone sideways in landscape view will give the image more depth and a greater overall quality. Hospital, classroom, or outdoor settings make for interesting backgrounds so be creative. Please note that if the image is darkened or blurred then you may be asked to resubmit a clear image.

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