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ITT Tech Nationwide Closings Announced September 6, 2016

Nursing school can be very stressful, but with the right focus you can get through it right?  What do you do when your school sends you an email that effectively states “We’re closed”.   If you’ve been caught up in this situation, I can tell you two things. It’s not your fault but it’s up to you to push through. Secondly, don’t allow anyone or anything kill your dreams. – Regina RN, BSN

On Tuesday ITT Technical Institute which operates nursing and other vocational programming announced that is is closing is campuses nationwide!  The closings are a direct result of a Department of Education sanctions removing their ability to receive federal student loan funding. Students are encouraged to transfer their credits or to apply for student loan cancellation.  If you or someone you know is directly affected by these closing click here to visit the Department of Education (ED) for the most up-to-date information.

Question and Answers

Question: Which school will take my credits?

Answer: We do not have oversight on accreditation, so we do not have recommendations on what schools to transfer to.  Your state accrediting agency would be the best resource for that information. ED’s College Scorecard

Question: All of our schooling is done.  When will we get our transcripts and diplomas?

Answer: ED is working with school officials, as well as representatives from the state licensing and postsecondary education oversight bodies, to process student records as soon as possible so that transfer schools can start assessing students’ remaining eligibility for federal student aid funds.  We have created state-specific fact sheets for students.  These can also be found on the information page at

Question: What should I do with my loan that I took it from ITT TECH?

Answer: Your options for your loan are dependent upon your current student status. If you have already graduated, your loans will remain in repayment. If you were currently enrolled, you may be eligible for a closed school discharge.

Question: Am I eligible for loan discharge or loan forgiveness because of the closings?

Answer: Only students who have withdrawn within the last 120 days of the school closing are eligible for closed school discharge.

Question: What will be a student’s next step getting a refund of his/her money spent at ITT-Tech?

Answer: You will need to get a copy of your transcripts/ledgers, etc. that show how much you paid in cash. You can contact the state agency where you live to see what their process is for pursuing a refund for cash payments to ITT. Please keep checking in on


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    • 1reginacallion

      This is what happens when we value money over people. I’m sure there were many good teachers and employees there but somewhere along the way money took over at the top and now even the teachers and faculty are out as well. Funny how that works. Fight for your education, fight for your license, and fight for your future because your worth so much more than this. Keep a positive attitude and work through the process.


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