One of the goals for ReMar Nurse University is to help nurses experience what it's like to study with the best Content Based NCLEX Review! Our nurses are passing NCLEX and we want to show you how!

ReMar is easy to understand, straight to the point content, without spending hours each day answering questions that you haven't studied or learning complicated testing strategies that tend to increase anxiety. With ReMar you will build your Content and gain the Confidence that you need to pass NCLEX!

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Quick Facts for NCLEX is the nursing students best friend for building core-content, passing exit exams, and NCLEX prep! Learn more. 

As a first time tester, the ReMar Online Academy or the DVD Self-Study Program is your win-win for NCLEX prep!  With either  program you’ll be able to study the content, build your confidence, and complete your review to pass NCLEX in just four to six weeks! Learn more!

The NCLEX DVD Self-Study Program is the absolute best resource for repeat-testers! Period.  With this package, you own your material so there are no time restrictions. You’ll receive (4) DVDs and (4) workbooks to take the best study notes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken NCLEX ten times or have been out of school twenty years or more, we have testimonials from ReMar Nurses that prove it can be done! I fully recommend the DVD package but first, here are the “Top Five Reasons Nurses are Fail NCLEX” and what to do the next time!

ReMar specializes in helping International nurses and students to Pass NCLEX! If you want to learn NCLEX Content and English is your second, or third language you need the DVD Self-Study Program.  You will be able to watch the lectures again and again as much as you need to learn the materials.  With the DVD package, you will also be able to email Regina MSN, RN directly with any questions that you have as you study! Learn more!

Here's What Works!

  • (4) Content Lecture DVDs 
  • (4) NCLEX Workbooks
  • Breaks down the Core-Content
  • Builds your Self-Confidence
  • Six-week Study Calendar
Quick Facts Products 2019 – 2022
  • 2019  Pharmacology
  • All New Case Studies
  • ReMar Clinical Skills Lab
  • Straight to the Point Core Content
  • NCLEX Next Gen Questions 
NCLEX Ready Question (Bank) Book
  • 2019 Next-Gen Question Formatting
  • 400 New Questions
  • New Select All That Apply
  • Diagnostic Evaluation Exams
  • All New Case Studies

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