NCLEX Virtual Trainer is the newest and most advanced online training system for the next generation of nursing students!

• Core Nursing Content

• Clinical Judgment Scenarios

• Comprehensive Analysis

• All at the tip of your fingers!

Each Virtual Training system comes with the (NEW) NCLEX-VT Student Workbook for content, Quick Facts for NCLEX, and 60-days of digital access to Regina’s NCLEX Virtual Training Center file vault and content lectures with 99.2% success rate!

The ReMar Virtual Training platform contains comprehensive NCLEX core content lectures by the #1 Instructor Regina Callion MSN, RN. Students can access each lecture individually or follow the recommended six-week calendar.

Remar NCLEX Virtual Trainer Example

Our researched training model combines the science of nursing with clinical applications in order to develop situational awareness and improve clinical judgement.

ReMar Review NCLEX Virtual Trainer Example

The NCLEX Virtual Trainer includes the NCLEX-VT Student Workbook & Quick Facts for NCLEX to help optimize your study experience and deepen your connection with the written content-based material.

Members get access to our extensive dashboard with reporting tools, comprehensive analytics, with daily reporting to keep you on track. Your progress reports will demonstrate your readiness for NCLEX.

Follow our six-week study calendar to stay on track and take control of your daily study routine and pass your state board exam with confidence and eight weeks of online access.

Now you can study NCLEX content anywhere, at any time, on any device.

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The Key to Passing NCLEX is Simple; it's all about the CONTENT!

Watch easy to understand NCLEX core content lectures

Fill in the blanks in your student workbook 

Respond to more than 450+ NCLEX practice questions

Pass NCLEX with confidence in just 6-8 weeks!

ReMar Nurse Success Stories

I Passed NCLEX from Nursing School!

I started on the ReMar package before graduation and passed my Florida boards this June! I learned so much more and can't thank ReMar enough! If it wasn't for the ReMar Review I don't think I could have done it.

Previously used:  Only ReMar Review

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status:  2019 graduate passed NCLEX RN

I Passed NCLEX 1 year out of Nursing School!

The questions on Uworld were great but that's all that I was doing and I was tired of review questions and I've spent all this money on Kaplan, Hurst, and Uworld. ReMar is what I had been missing all along, it's the content guys!

Previously used: KAPLAN, HURST, UWorld

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status:  2017 graduate passed NCLEX RN

I Passed NCLEX 2 years out of Nursing School!

I am OFFICIALLY an RN! I graduated in 2015 and failed in 75 questions. I had a lot of resources but nothing stuck. I found Regina and started with Quick Facts for NCLEX. I went back and later ordered the full program, and passed in 75 questions!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status: 2015 Nurse Graduate – RN License

I Passed NCLEX 3 years out of Nursing School!

I graduated from nursing school in 2015 and failed in 135 questions. I was depressed and didn't study for several months. I got another review that was just too much and gave up. I found ReMar during Black Friday, turned my fear into faith and passed NCLEX!

Previously used:  N/A

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status:  2015 graduate passed NCLEX RN

I Passed NCLEX 4 years out of Nursing School!

Shout out to ReMar Review, it is the best! I graduated from my PN school 4 years ago after 3 tries and I was so hopeless! I took NCLEX this time and my computer shut off at 85 questions and I'm so grateful that I passed! Thank you Regina!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status:  2014 graduate passed NCLEX LPN

I Passed NCLEX 5 years out of Nursing School!

I went to the testing center and walked out crying like a baby, I just knew that I failed. I emailed Ms. Regina and told her I did the Pearson-Vue trick and got the bad pop-up. She said be patient, those aren't the official results. I went to dialysis sat down and checked again!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status: 2013 graduate passed NCLEX LPN

I Passed NCLEX 6 years out of Nursing School!

I can, I will, and I DID Pass NCLEX! I've been out of school for six years and it's amazing to have my RN License now! I want to encourage you to get the package and focus on the content. Focus on the six-week calendar and you can pass NCLEX, push through!

Previously used:  Only ReMar Review

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status:  2013 PH graduate passed NCLEX RN

I Passed NCLEX 7 years out of Nursing School!

I had 119 questions after being out of school seven years and on my seventh time taking NCLEX! I'm a new mom and I worked 40 hours a week and studied at every free moment that I could if I can do it anyone can do it! Thank you so much!

Previously used: N/A

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status:  2011 graduate passed NCLEX LPN

I Passed NCLEX 8 years out of Nursing School from PH!

When I got my package, I followed the study calendar which is really awesome! I was working as a CNA nursing tech now I'm finally an RN and I'm so happy! Regina's lectures feel like I am in a live classroom like I like as an international graduate.

Previously used: Only ReMar Review

Passed using: ReMar Review

Status: 2010 graduate passed NCLEX RN

Prepared for Success!

ReMar Nurses have a 99.2% NCLEX Success Rate Studying Core Nurse Content
Established in 2010, ReMar Review has become an industry leader and helped more than 300,000 nurses better understand the Core Nursing Content for NCLEX!
With the NCLEX Virtual Trainer we will give you the tools to effectively prepare for the examination. Along with that we provide a community to support you on your journey to becoming a safe nursing professional.

○ The NCLEX-RN & LPN test plans and Practice Analysis serve as our guide for content development.

○ Our curriculum narrows down the content to emphasize the key topics found on the exam.

○ We save time by only teaching the information that a new graduate is expected to know for NCLEX.

○ Our streamlined approach to core content builds student’s competence and confidence.

  • LPN
  • RN
  • Foreign
  • Ist Time
  • Repeat
  • Other
  • UWorld
  • ATI
  • Saunders
  • Hurst
  • Kaplan

The ReMar Difference!

We asked more than 5,000 repeat-testers “What resources have you previously used?” More than half of these students reported using UWorld, Kaplan, & Saunders; many also self identified as having experienced test anxiety.
When students focus on questions alone, complicated strategies, or just too much information it takes away from learning the actual discipline of nursing. More than anything, you need simple, easy to understand content. When you focus on the content – your confidence grows because you are better equipped to answer any question NCLEX gives you! Our goal is to help you to become a ReMar Nurse because ReMar Nurses KNOW the Content!