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Our comprehensive review programs for RN & PN will help you to learn NCLEX® core-content in simple, straight-forward, terms without complicated test strategies for new graduates, international nurses, and repeat-testers.   For commercial inquiries please email Support@ReMarReview.com or call 855-NCLEX-NOW.

ReMar NCLEX DVD Self-Study Resources

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Our NCLEX® DVD Self-Study Program for RN (or) PN is an incredible value and one of the absolute best resource for NCLEX®! This program is perfect for ALL students.  It is especially recommended for repeat testers, international nurses, and long-term graduates of three or more years.  The Self-Study Program comes with (4) Lecture DVDs and workbooks including Quick Facts for NCLEX®. Lecture topics include: Prioritization, Delegation, Infection control, Developmental Milestones, Endocrine overview, Cardiac issues, Pharmacology, Elderly issues, Psychiatric issues and Medication, Study-strategies, Critical thinking mistakes, Pregnancy overview, TV drugs, Therapeutic Communication, Tips for Alternate format Questions, Metabolic disorders, Labor Problems, ABG tutorial, and many more!

DVD Self-Study Review

ReMar Online Academy for RN (or) PN

THE NCLEX ONLINE ACADEMY IS CLOSED TO NEW APPLICANTS FOR (45-Days) Begin your review immediately with the Ultimate NCLEX Success Package here!

Quick Facts for NCLEX

The New Quick Facts for NCLEX® 2019 – 2022 with Pharmacology is for RN & LPN!  This is the perfect study-guide for nursing school and the perfect tool to build your core nursing content whether it’s day one of school to starting your NCLEX Prep!

After you’ve covered your basic core-content, take your prep to the next level and add on the Quick Facts Advanced Study DVD. This QF DVD features 2.5 hrs of advanced Q & A and comprehensive preview with Regina MSN, RN.

Quick Facts for NCLEX
NCLEX Ready Question Bank Book

NCLEX® Ready Question (Bank) Book for RN (or) LPN is the newest study aide in the ReMar Nurse lineup!  Our newest question bank book is full content-based questions for select all that apply, clinical skills questions, and more. Use this resource once you’ve studied the content for NCLEX.

NCLEX Question (Bank) Book

The NCLEX Ready Question Bank for RN (or) PN provides instant access to our newest collection of test questions. Once you’ve studied the content determine if you prepared to test. Take advantage of our low price to get 60-days of access to the best content-based NCLEX® questions on the market. Our 80% mandatory pass rate will help you to feel confident and be successful! Find out if you are ready today!

NCLEX Ready Question Bank
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