RhoGAM & Pregnancy

RhoGAM & Pregnancy

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In this video review we are looking at RhoGAM and RH Factor in the terms of maternity nursing! This is very important for NCLEX so make sure to take notes. If you our full Self Study Program you will find this in your student workbook.  Thank you for studying with ReMar Review! Remember to like the ReMar Review on Facebook for our latest updates from Regina MSN, RN. Each Tuesday we’ll feature on of our easy to understand lesson to help you get ready for NCLEX #TeachableTuesday #NCLEXReview

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5 thoughts on “RhoGAM & Pregnancy

  1. Laura Carruth

    This video is super, thank you so much for making it plain. I love working with Remarreview. I am preparing to take the NCLEX soon. Thank you Regina and Mark for all of your hard work and effort. You two are making a mark that can never be erased. So thankful. Many Blessing to you both.


  2. Avonelle B

    Regina, you are so warm amd pleasant! This is by far the most simple and clear explanation of Rh Factor/RhoGAM/Coombs Test that I have seen! Thank You!


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