May is NCLEX Review MONTH and ReMar Nurse University (RNU)! is the answer with #1 NCLEX Instructor Regina MSN, RN!
Join #1 NCLEX Instructor Regina M. Callion MSN, RN and thousands of ReMar Nurses as we break down some of the most difficult areas for NCLEX.
Each Monday in MAY at 7PM – Professor Regina will personally visit one of five major US cities (see locations below) and share the entire review class live via Facebook and YouTube! 
Everyone who registers will receive $50 off of the best-selling NCLEX DVD Self-Study System (or) $100 off when you Bundle & Save! (Bundle also includes with RNU Workbook, Exclusive RNU Blue Tee, and Priority Seating!) Tell us about yourself below; and select your primary viewing location whether Live In-Person or Online Only! 

Note: All of the live locations are in really nice downtown business districts of each city! 

If you are a repeat tester, which of the following resources have you previously used?

My goal is to simplify your study process by focusing on the content and inspiring you to dig-deep and reach your goals!

What would you like Regina to know about your testing experience where added support would be most beneficial to you ?
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