NCLEX Test Anxiety WorkShop - ReMar Review NCLEX Virtual Trainer by Regina MSN, RN

This exclusive event will be held on Facebook and YouTube LIVE on April 25th and 26th at 8 PM EST!

What We'll Study

This course also helps test-takers identify the true source of their anxiety and begin changing their thoughts related to the meaning of tests.

With repeated practice, this course will help nursing students tackle test anxiety and take and show their true potential.

What You'll Learn

The course created by Regina Callion MSN, RN will help you effectively manage test anxiety and approach the NCLEX RN or LPN exam with greater confidence and focus.

ReMar Nurses will learn to work with their thoughts, emotions, and bodies as they reduce anxiety and prepare for tests.

Who This Event is For

This course is intended for nursing students in school and preparing for NCLEX!

When you sign up for our FREE course you will receive our workbook with the event agenda.The topics we will discuss are:

  • What is test anxiety?
  • Challenging text anxiety myths
  • Assess your anxiety with these 2 basic tests
  • Tackling Test Anxiety
  • Test-Taking Strategies to Reduce Anxiety on the Big Day
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