NCLEX-Frequently Asked Questions

ReMar’s Quick Facts for NCLEX covers the most commonly seen NCLEX® subjects in a question and answer format. Quick Facts is not a complete NCLEX Review but it is designed to as a companion guide to the comprehensive ReMar NCLEX Virtual Trainer.

You can also pair Quick Facts for NCLEX with reviews provided by your nursing school such as the Hurst Review, Kaplan, ATI Nursing, or Saunders in order to help simplfy for study process.  The best recommended resource is the NCLEX Virtual Trainer for is simple approach to breaking down NCLEX core content!


ReMar Review’s comprehensive review products are only available at  Once on the site use the Products tab to select the product that this right for you and add the desired item to your cart.  You may also find ReMar book products online at

ReMar is the most up-to-date NCLEX Review on the market. We undergo weekly and monthly update cycles to ensure our products including books, workbooks, lecture materials, and free resources are current to the time produced!

Our comprehensive review courses are the best on the market. ReMar has a 99.2% NCLEX success rate across trackable programs in 2019 and 98% success rate over a 3-year average.

Also, because students love our review ReMar has more video testimonials than any other nurse education company because the results are real, the enthusiasm is real, and we promote a culture of success!

Some state Boards of Nursing (BON) require students that have taken NCLEX multiple times take a remedial course, secondary review, or provide a letter of completion. While this is not the case for most boards, it is important to check with your direct BON to determine your specific needs.

With the NCLEX Virtual Trainer you will receive a certificate upon your course completion.

ReMar NCLEX Virtual Trainer

With a 99.2% success with core nursing content, the ReMar Review for NCLEX® created the NCLEX Virtual Trainer for nursing students and non-traditional students and those who are frustrated trying to learn fundamental nursing information with limited content based resources available.

The benefits of the Virtual Training system are:

  • Our audio-visuals including texts with Virtual Trainer will address each student’s individual learning styles.
  • Students are able to study a variety of important NCLEX® topics at their convenience without the restriction of limited access times or temporary passcodes.

Supplemental books are provided so when the review is over students are still learning from a variety of other resources.

Lecture topics include: Prioritization, Delegation, Infection control, Developmental milestones, Endocrine overview, Cardiac issues, Pharmacology, Elderly issues, Psychiatric issues and Medication, Testing strategies, Critical thinking mistakes, Pregnancy overview, TV drugs, Therapeutic Communication, Tips for Alternate format Questions, Metabolic disorders, Labor Problems, ABG tutorial, and many more!

Lecture topics include: Delegating, Prioritizing client care, Infection control, Psychiatric issues and Medication, Pharmacology, Pregnancy overview, Maternal/Infant client,  Endocrine overview, Developmental stages, Critical thinking techniques, Therapeutic positions, Medication administration, Acid-base balance, Nutrition, TV drugs, Legal issues in nursing, Metabolic disorders, Respiratory system, and many more!

Each review is sent priority mail via the United States Postal Service please expect your products in 3 – 5 business days. Please allow 5-7 business days during Major Sales to account for the added volume.

If you already have Quick Facts you are able to purchase the NCLEX Virtual Trainer for a lower price!  Select the comprehensive review of your choice and select the option for (Already has Quick Facts).

Refund Policy

ReMar Review products and services are non-refundable.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Provisions can be made for an equal exchange for replacement products or services.  Exchange requests must be made within 10-days of ordering your purchased product.

Live review classes – In the event of cancelation for a Live NCLEX Review event students will receive (15) days of online Virtual Training access for everyone one day lost due to cancelation.

If something is missing from your package we’d love to help take care of that for you.  Within (3) days of receiving your order, send us a picture of the items received along with a picture of your packing slip to

Please be sure to verify the correct name and email address used when the order was placed and we’ll take care of this for you.  After the (3) day period the student is responsible for replacement costs. No exceptions.

If you have further questions about products or purchasing:

Contact by email:

Contact by phone: 1-855-NCLEX-NOW

*ReMar Review maintains the right to amend this policy at the company’s sole discretion.