NCLEX-Frequently Asked Questions

ReMar’s Quick Facts for NCLEX covers the most commonly seen NCLEX® subjects in a question and answer format. Quick Facts is not a complete NCLEX Review but it is designed to complement and simplify comprehensive review materials such as the ReMar Self-Study Program, NCLEX Online Academy, or other review programs.

ReMar Review’s comprehensive review products are only available at  Once on the site use the Products tab to select the product that this right for you and add the desired item to your cart.

All ReMar products including books, workbooks, and lecture materials are up-to-date with the April 2016 changes for NCLEX.  *Free materials such as the ReMar Blog, Facebook posts, and ReMar YouTube videos are current to the time produced.

Our comprehensive review courses are the best on the market. Based upon refunds issued with for our money back guarantee our Pass Rate with the ReMar NCLEX Online Academy is 99.2 %. The DVD Self Study is our most trusted resource for NCLEX and is identical to the Online Academy in terms of lectures and content.  As a self-guided program, students are not required to report their follow through, study times, or results.  In this case, we defer to the growing number of daily students testimonials here.

Don’t cheat yourself! We want you to get the full benefit of studying with ReMar! You need the DVDs to complete the workbooks and you need the workbook in order to make the most of your DVDs. 

Replacement items can be purchased with email verification of your previous order; for a replacement requests please email 

Some state Boards of Nursing (BON) require students that have taken NCLEX multiple times take a remedial course, secondary review, or provide a letter of completion. While this is not the case for most boards, it is important to check with your direct BON to determine your specific needs.

While we recommend the DVD Self-Study Program for repeat-testers; we can only verify the work completed and provide a letter of completion for ReMar Nurses who use the ReMar NCLEX Online Academy or ReMar Remedial Academy (available upon request – to complete their NCLEX review studies.

ReMar NCLEX Online Academy

The ReMar Review Online Academy is a six-week online education program that takes ambitious nursing students on a journey to passing NCLEX® RN & PN.  The course consists of online lectures, quizzes with a mandatory pass rate of 80%, and homework projects, and pre-recorded conference calls. The cost of this program is $274 USD for eight-weeks of online access. Enrollment times are limited and can be found on the products page of this website. All video lectures are taught by Regina Callion MSN, RN

Your subscription to the Online Academy will begin immediately upon the placement of your order when you create your username and password upon checkout.

Yes ABSOLUTELY! We know that if you follow this program, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get results, then we don’t deserve your money and we’ll cheerfully refund 100% of your initial tuition.  The 100% money back guarantee is valid for individuals who have:
1) Purchased the ReMar Review Quick Facts book to supplement the program
2) Complete the online academy including all homework with an 80% passing rate and a 90% passing rate for your final exam within the 60 day access time.

3) The student must take NCLEX® and email test results within 45 days (6 weeks) of the completion of the program.  To be clear the Results must be received by email at within 45 days of finishing the Academy.

  • *Reimbursements for monthly extensions are not included in the money back guarantee.
  • *International Shipping Cost will be deducted from money back guarantee refund requests.

We do this because we’re looking for serious and committed students only. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement, and inspired action-oriented learning.

Each student will receive Quick Facts for NCLEX by mail and have access to a downloadable PDF workbook. This workbook must be printed because it is needed to complete the educational portion of the program.  *A medical-surgical book is always helpful when studying for NCLEX®.

This is a six-week program please adjust your schedules to allow you to fully participate there will be no extensions. The first three weeks of the program is the most intensive portion and will require the most time.

The first three weeks is designed to help you develop a deep and strong foundation on which to build a true picture of the information you need to pass NCLEX. A very rough time estimate would be 5-10 hours per week for the first three weeks, and 4-8 hours per week for the remaining five weeks of the program.

All students are accepted and welcome to take the Online Academy, however our recommended resource for international nurses is the DVD Self-Study program!

The Online Academy still has a 100% Money Back guarantee, less the amount of international shipping on the Quick Facts for NCLEX Book.

There is no sharing of a single online tuition. If academic misconduct (ex: same quizzes are taken multiple times after a passing grade is achieved) is suspected students will lose all privileges to the online academy and no refunds will be given.

ReMar NCLEX DVD Self-Study Program

The ReMar Review for NCLEX® created the self- study program for non-traditional nursing students and those who are frustrated trying to learn fundamental nursing information with the current resources available.

The benefits of the self-study program are:

  • Our audio-visuals including texts on (DVD) format will address each student’s individual learning styles.
  • Students are able to study a variety of important NCLEX® topics at their convenience without the restriction of limited access times or temporary passcodes.
  • Our DVDs come with a companion workbook to minimize the note-taking process so more attention can be devoted to comprehension and retaining the NCLEX® information.

Supplemental books are provided so when the review is over students are still learning from a variety of other resources.

There are (4) DVD’s that accompany each Self-Study Program RN or PN. Each disc is approximately two hours in length.

Lecture topics include: Prioritization, Delegation, Infection control, Developmental milestones, Endocrine overview, Cardiac issues, Pharmacology, Elderly issues, Psychiatric issues and Medication, Testing strategies, Critical thinking mistakes, Pregnancy overview, TV drugs, Therapeutic Communication, Tips for Alternate format Questions, Metabolic disorders, Labor Problems, ABG tutorial, and many more!

Lecture topics include: Delegating, Prioritizing client care, Infection control, Psychiatric issues and Medication, Pharmacology, Pregnancy overview, Maternal/Infant client,  Endocrine overview, Developmental stages, Critical thinking techniques, Therapeutic positions, Medication administration, Acid-base balance, Nutrition, TV drugs, Legal issues in nursing, Metabolic disorders, Respiratory system, and many more!

Each review is sent priority mail via the United States Postal Service please expect your products in 3 – 5 business days.

If you already have Quick Facts you are still able to purchase the Self Study Program or the Online Academy for a lower price.  Select the comprehensive review of your choice and select the option for (Already has Quick Facts).

The money back guarantee is only available for the ReMar Review Online Academy and does not apply for the DVD Self Study Program.

Refund Policy

ReMar Review products and services are non-refundable.  Provisions can be made for an equal exchange for replacement services.  Exchange requests must be made within 10-days of receiving your purchased product.

Cancellation of orders will require a 15% restocking fee based off of total product price.

Live review classes may be canceled at the sole discretion of ReMar Review without advanced notice due to emergency situations.  In the event of cancelation for a Live NCLEX Review event students will receive fifteen days of online access for everyone one day lost to cancelation.

Cancellation of any part of a day will be considered cancellation of the full day.  In the event that both days of the live class are canceled students may select from the following three options. Students may elect to a) enroll into the ReMar Online Academy, b) receive the ReMar DVD Self-Study Package or c) elect to attend another ReMar Live NCLEX Review course within 1yr from the date of the previously scheduled class.

If something is missing from your package we’d love to help take care of that for you.  Within (10) days of receiving your order, send us a picture of the items received along with a picture of your packing slip to

Please be sure to verify the correct name and email address used when the order was placed and we’ll take care of this for you.  After the (10) day period the student is responsible for replacement costs. No exceptions.

Our DVDs work best with standard DVD players. When playing your DVDs from a laptop or computer, the DVDs work well with the VLC Media Player which is a free open source media player that you can access with this link. 

Defective DVDs can be exchanged within (10) days of receiving your review package. If you believe your DVD is defective please send us an email to so that we can replace them free of charge with a return label for the defective product.

After the first (10) days, you will be able to replace a defective DVD (non-working, damaged, misplaced, or scratched) with an individual paid invoice with no return label.  No exceptions.

If you have further questions about products or purchasing:

Contact by email:

Contact by phone: 1-855-NCLEX-NOW

*ReMar Review maintains the right to amend this policy at the company’s sole discretion.