Critical Thinking Confirmation - ReMar Review NCLEX Virtual Trainer by Regina MSN, RN

Congratulations on registering for the ReMar Critical Thinking Workshop for International Nurses & Repeat-Testers!

You’re going to learn so much about NCLEX during this FREE Workshop!  Regina MSN, RN will train you how to critically think and process clinical judgment scenarios to give you the best opportunity to pass NCLEX.

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During this event Regina MSN, RN will also take you inside of the NCLEX Virtual Trainer and show you step-by-step contact ReMar Nurses have studied with a 99.2% success rate! 

        • Overall NCLEX rates – 72%
        • Repeat-testers – 43.84%
        • Foreign nurses – 46%
        • Re-testing foreign – 27%
        • LPN rates are 5-10 points lower

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