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The Next Big Thing in NCLEX Study

The NCLEX is an integral part of any and every nurse’s career. It determines whether or not you’ll receive your nursing licensure which in turn makes adequate preparation vital. Although nursing students have already proven their merit and competence in the clinical setting, passing the NCLEX is mandatory if you are keen to become a registered nurse officially. It is a standardized, computer-based test that you can take year-round in Canada or the US. It is absolutely attainable for any nursing school graduate although your performance in nursing school won’t determine your success.

NCLEX Exam Study Material

There are various collections of engaging video lessons that will serve you adequately as a comprehensive and helpful guide for the NCLEX exam. It is essential that you go through all the topics you’ll need to know for the exam and the accompanying assessments ensure you remember what you’ve studied. Although for every student the exam experience can be different, understanding the format and how to prepare for the exam can make your study sessions much more effective . Often, the NCLEX questions ask students to recall memorized information like side effects, symptoms and normal lab values.

Test papers can be helpful especially if you go for a comprehensive study guide. They should cover everything from a quick overview, test-taking strategies, management of care to safety and infection control, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity, basic care and comfort, physiological adaptation and practice questions along with detailed answer explanations. You should not only understand the material that is being covered on the test but also be familiar with the strategies that are necessary to properly utilize the time provided. Good Test prep books will drill down the top test-taking tips for you to know.

How much do you know about the NCLEX exam?

Before you start preparing for the exam, you must familiarize yourself with key content, syllabus, format and other relevant things.

  • Depending on your level of education, you will be eligible to take two different kinds of NCLEX exams- NCLEX PN (practical nurse) or NCLEX RN(registered nurse). If you have a diploma in licensed practical nursing you can sit for the former while if you have completed an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in nursing you can take the latter.
  • The exam focuses on four principal areas of practice- safe effective care environment, health promotion and maintenance, psychosocial integrity and physiological integrity.  The last area accounts for the majority of the questions.
  • Although there are a significant number of multiple-choice questions, there may be other kinds like drag and drop. They test your general knowledge, analysis and application skills along with fact applying skills.
  • The questions are generated based on your answers. You might have to answer anything between 75 to 265 questions. You will have six hours to complete the test with a number of break times included. How you compare to predetermined standards will determine your passing mark.
  • If your state board of nursing believes you have what it takes to be a nurse they will put you forward for the NCLEX exam. You will receive an Authorization to take the test letter for confirmation.

Latest developments in the NCLEX exam

It is crucial that you stay updated with regard to the latest changes. The NCLEX examination committee reviews and approves test plans for NCLEX PN and NCLEX RN exams every three years. It is vital for the test plan to adhere to the nurse practice acts. They have incorporated a few changes which you must be aware of-

  • Previously, the questions were mostly prepared based on the interview of nurses working in hospital settings. Since the clinical field has been subjected to various changes over the past couple of years, the level of difficulty is likely to increase 2019 onwards. The NCLEX Exam committee looks into the recent nursing practices and seeks expert opinions of nursing regulatory bodies and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing content staff to prepare the test plan. You can always volunteer at a local hospital to get first-hand experience of how nurses respond to patients’ needs.
  • The majority of questions are likely to focus on cultural diversity and health practices. You will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge of incorporating client cultural beliefs and practices while offering patient care. Being well versed in different cultural types and their subsequent impact on health practices can be beneficial.
  • The format of the test questions may become a little more complex. Go for the best and most comprehensive NCLEX guide books to gain thorough in-depth knowledge of topics.
  • The NCSBN may introduce the clinical judgment model in the 2019 NCLEX exam. They have named it the Next Generation NCLEX test which will use a complex mix of item types like- matrix (extended multiple response), multiple section, dynamic exhibit, CLOZE (dropdown), extended drag and drop.
  • Minor editorial and other changes have been introduced in the NCLEX RN 2019 test plan. Familiarize yourself with the study course material before you start preparing.

Create a study plan and stick to it. You will naturally feel more empowered if you have prepared thoroughly and managed to answer the questions in the practice tests. Determine how long it will take you to prepare and work towards your goal accordingly. You can go for online resources, review courses, books, group study sessions, and practice questions. You already know what study tools work best for you. Now is the time to utilize them. Negative thoughts and last-minute cramming can be detrimental to your goal. With enough preparation and confidence, you will ace it the very first time.

Hello, I'm Regina Callion Doctoral Student, MSN, RN and my #1 Goal is to help You Pass NCLEX! A student once wrote "You are awesome, I love people who know how to break things down thoroughly and in the SIMPLEST form!" If that's what you're looking for, keep in touch because ReMar Review is the program for you!

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